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Keep Grooving: Life Musings & Live Musics
Game Developers Conference 2015
A day in the life of indie game development, and live music performance

Trapped in the Comments
A musical talk about how internet comments harm creators

The Design of Loss
Glitch City Demo Night
How to teach players about loss through game mechanics

Comedy Through Game Design
University of Southern California
An exploration of the brain systems behind comedy

Narrative Listening
USC School of Cinematic Arts
A Master's thesis defense of a systematized approach to adaptive narrative systems



Hinawa Dies 
An exploration of shared control of a character between the player and the game's author.

Comic-Con 2015: Game Designer's Diary 
A journal of Comic-Con from an indie game dev's point of view.

The Knife Mod 
 A post-mortem of a videogame made in the fourth grade.

High Fashion Has Come for Our Videogames
An opinion on the Louis Vuitton / Final Fantasy collaborative campaign, and its implications on the future.




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