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director, game designer, writer

Photo:  Tokyo Fashion  / Icon:  Janice Chu

Photo: Tokyo Fashion / Icon: Janice Chu


Teddy Dief is an independent videogame designer and writer, currently making 🌴- a new collaboration

He developed award-winning RPG Hyper Light Drifter and Fitz Packerton and other independent collaborations. Formerly a Creative Director at Square Enix Montréal, designer at Disney and game narrative researcher at USC. He is co-founder of Los Angeles collective Glitch City - a hub for the gamemaking community. He has hosted and produced events such as the Square Bowl charity livestream, IndieCade Innovation Awards, and Idle Thumbs’ Playscape podcast.

Teddy speaks about gamemaking and storytelling around the world at events including the Game Developers Conference, GDC China, GDC Next, IndieCade, Pixelatl, GCAP and at universities. His work has been featured in publications such as Vice, The Verge, The Guardian, The Escapist, Forbes, Wired, The A.V. Club, Game Informer, Waypoint, Polygon, Kotaku, Famitsu, and Edge Magazine.

He talks about game design, storytelling, and creative life on the internet. But mostly, he make games, and believes in the growth and maturation of games as an storytelling art for expression and shared experience.